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Microfiber Mat with Tray

  • Microfiber Mat with Tray

    $ 9.99
    Product Code: KTH-696-95RM
    The Microfiber Drying Mat with snap-off glass tray provides an innovative solution to air-drying delicate glassware, plates, and other items in one convenient location. The oversized microfiber mat is generously sized for large dishes, pots, and pans and feature super-absorbent foam to capture water run-off. The detachable, rigid tray offers a flat, stable surface to dry delicate glassware with a unique aerated design for proper drainage and air circulation. Plus, the tray quickly snaps on and off for dishwasher safe cleaning and the microfiber mat folds easily for out of the way storage.

    Available in

    Oversized microfiber mat offers ample drying space on countertops

    Sturdy, rigid glass tray provides a secure and safe surface to dry glassware

    Dishwasher safe snap-off glass tray for easy cleaning

    Aerated design on glass tray provides proper drainage and air circulation

    Easy to fold and store when not in use

    Thick, super-absorbent foam holds water run-off

    Measures: 11.4 x 7.8 inches (glass draining tray)

    Measures: 15 x 22 inches (microfiber mat)

    Patent pending