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Frequently Asked Questions

Often, but not always.  Some parts are available for purchase through polder.com, others are subject to availability. Please contact Customer Service at (203) 888-9208 or info@polder.com for more information.

We recommend using your thermometer only as an instant read under these conditions. When using the continuous read feature please note:
  1. Be careful not to sever or damage the lead or probe with the cooker lid.
  2. Do not expose the probe or lead to direct flames. Probes damaged due to misuse will not be replaced free of charge under warranty. (See your thermometer's instruction sheet to read your particular thermometer's warranty in full.)
  3. Always wear a heat resistant glove when touching the metal probe or wire during or just after cooking. DO NOT TOUCH IT WITH BARE HANDS.
No, as this is a part of the structure of the Ironing Board.
Yes, as long as the temperature is not above 392°F.  The oven door can be closed on the cord and the base of the unit must remain outside the oven at all times.

Yes, please contact us for International shipping rates and order inquiries.

Most instruction booklets are available for download via the Support link.  If you do not see your product's model number listed in this area, please contact customer service at 1-800-431-2133 or info@polder.com to obtain a new copy for your item.
Purchases made from our website may be returned to:

Polder Products, LLC
Attn: Returns
195 Christian Street
Oxford, CT 06478

Please send all returns postage pre-paid with proof of purchase, reason for return and contact information where you can be reached in case there are any issues processing your refund.
The Twist-Lock Canister lids are dishwasher safe (top rack only). The canister body should be hand washed only.  To wash the lids, unlock and remove from the canister body.  Pinch the two locking tabs to separate the lids.  Be sure to re-lock the top lid to be keep water from collecting within the housing.  Place each component of the lid in the dishwasher (top rack) for thorough cleaning.
All Polder probe thermometers are compatible with the Ultra Probe replacement probe 358

The recommended maximum capacity of a Polder Step Stool is 225 lbs. (102 kgs.).  Polder strongly advises against exceeding the 225 lbs. (102 kgs.) capacity as doing so will weaken the ladder over time and may result in injury.
If you have purchased our products through a retailer, catalog, or any other website besides this one, your purchase is subject to the return/exchange policy of the seller. If you wish to return it for a refund or make an exchange, you must arrange to return it to the retailer from which it was originally purchased.

Polder will not refund the purchase price to the consumer, nor will Polder pay shipping charges to return an item back to us. Only the retailer, catalog, or website from which you made the purchase can issue a cash or credit refund.
If you find that water has collected within the top housing of the lid after washing, simply place the top lid on a towel with the locking knob facing up so water can drain out.  Being sure to re-lock the top lid prior to placing in the dishwasher will alleviate this problem in the future. 
An In-Oven Thermometer is designed to be left in the oven to monitor the temperature of the item as it is cooking.  An Instant-Read Thermometer is meant to take a “sampling” temperature of the item and should not be left in the oven.  At no point should an Instant-Read Thermometer be used as an In-Oven Thermometer, doing so will invalidate the warranty and may damage the product.
The 3-Step Ultralight Step Stool LDR-3500-83RM has a top step height of 24.5-inches.

The 5-Step Ultralight Step Stool LDR-5500RM has a top step height of 42.5-inches.
The life of the warranty is different for each product - see your product's instruction booklet for its specific warranty.

Our full line of products are available to purchase through the Polder website.  Selected items are available at many fine retailers across the United States and Canada.  Please visit our Where to Buy page for more info.

Our timers do not include an ON/OFF button as the battery use is minimal when the timer is not being used.